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The client is our friend. Friends should not be left high and dry. We need real measures, so we are introducing unprecedented conditions.
Zavgar Online gives the opportunity of effective and efficient management of a corporate vehicle fleet from anywhere in the world, from any device with Internet access. Recently it has become critically important for business in all sectors of the economy. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has hitted all of us. According to the statistics, the total traffic volume has decreased by 25-30% in average. Everyone understands that our life will normalize very soon but it will never be the same. People and businesses stayed without money and the consequences of the pandemic (and as a result of the economic crisis) will affect us for a long time.
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Accounting and cost reduction
It is the key task of any manager. Zavgar Online will let you know where each ruble was spent on transport operation. If you know figures, you can control them.
Reminder system
The system will remind you of all important events in operation of each vehicle. Maintenance will be carried and insurance will be extended on time. Tough struggle against equipment downtime.
Accounting of all maintenance and repairs
An electronic service book with all maintenance and repairs. Have you dreamed about it earlier?
Electronic pre-trip vehicle inspections
You can generate a checklist in the mobile application. A technology will be under control wherever it is located.
Fuel consumption control
All gas stations, average consumption, fuel price per mile.
Integration with the GPS vehicle monitoring system and fuel card services saves from manual work.
As a result, you will receive two key parameters observing which you save up to 50% of operation cost:
1. Cost per one mille;
2. Total owning cost.
27.04.2020 Blog Zavgara
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