Agricultural machinery management software

An effective solution to reduce operation costs
Guaranteed cost reduction
  • Control of fuel purchase costs
  • Monitoring the timeliness of maintenance
  • Online service book for each piece of equipment
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  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Does not require installation of additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
  • Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Zavgar Online is a product allowing you to get the maximum in managing agricultural vehicles in a minimum and at minimum fee.
The product is universal and will be good for you if your company has the following types of equipment:
MTZ (Belarus), DT, Kirovets, YaMZ, New Holland, John Deere, Case, Fendt, Challenger, etc.)
Don, Niva, Akros, Case, Rostselmash, New Holland, John Deere, Case, Deutzi, etc.
Agricultural vehicles
Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.
In general, the system is suitable for any object (moving or not) that requires maintenance.
Before we started developing Zavgar Online, we conducted a large inerview with a company of a completely different profile. Problems with fleet management were identified in varios sectors of the economy. In an interview, the company identified three key issues:
  • 1
    Pre-trip inspections of equipment
    Representatives of machinery plants together with the company top management have developed a document template (a hard copy) regulating daily vehicle maintenance checks to identify malfunctions before starting work. Every part of the equipment had its own questionnaire and a machine operator or a driver ticked off these works and handed over sheets to mechanics. A sheaf of papers has been accumulated but there was no time to analyze problems.
  • 2
    2 Timeliness of equipment maintenance
    Agricultural machinery is not cheap, the business itself is disastrously dependent on weather conditions. A simple repair can prevent costly deadtime. Even slight non-observance of the service schedule leads to serious damage. When it happens the company will pay huge money. The question was: "How to eliminate the human factor as much as possible, to plan work in advance and to keep track of spare parts for a specific unit of equipment?"
  • 3
    Fuel consumption control
    How to combine these GPS data and fuel consumption data to simplify analysis and to reduce time of ticket processing?
These problems are typical for all agricultural activities. Now almost everyone uses logs and notebooks without service history and mileage costs. We have created the software for agricultural enterprises to facilitate the work of transportation managers and to make the transport block more transparent for the company's management.
What agricultural machinery management modules have been used in Zavgar Online?
  • Reminders for an upcoming maintenance
  • Repair and service orders
  • Accounting and analysis of fuel costs
  • Automate daily inspections
  • Accounting and analysis of equipment operating costs
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Online service book
  • Actual time tracking
What results do owners of special equipment using Zavgar Online get?
    • Pre-trip inspections of equipment are fully automated

    An inspection template for each type of equipment is digitized and now the inspection itself is performed using a tablet or a smartphone. All identified shortcomings are automatically received by a group of mechanics and a work order is created. Technical downtime due to failure to identify problems before operation is reduced to zero. Constant analysis of the current state of technology is held.
    • Full automation of maintenance procedures

    Everything has been robotized to the utmost. Mechanics understand when it is necessary to perform maintenance, whichspare parts and consumables were used earlier. The problem of downtime due to untimely maintenance has been solved. Any company top manager can get operation cost of every unit or fleet operation cost at any time.
    • Zavgar Online unified all fuel accounting systems

    It analyzes if there are any inconsistencies and allows to obtain actual data in accessible terms.
    • Labor productivity increases

    Zavgar Online does 90% of manual routine work and increases man efficiency.
Zavgar Online reduces total cost of mileage by 20-50%!
Integration with other services and software products
  • Integration with agricultural enterprise management systems
  • Integration with GPS vehicle monitoring systems
What does Zavgar.Online looks like?
Zavgar Online offers solutions for various fields
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