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Fuel expenses is one of the most expensive budget items of any company using corporate transport. Fuel prices are rising from year to year and competition is becoming harder.
What problems arise due to absence of fuel control in any company?
  • 1
    Fuel theft
  • 2
    Purchase of bad fuel
  • 3
    Purchase of checks fuel stations
How do companies worldwide solve such tasks?
  • Introduction of fuel cards
  • Installation of fuel control systems
  • Permanent data analysis
Everything about the first and the second is quite clear but these instruments do not allow make a profound analysis and to compare the paid fuel and the volume of the fuel in the tank. Usually it is made in tables with unloading of files and all sweets of manual work. During hundreds of hours employees make a report. Zavgar.Online serves for automation of fuel control. You can read about integration with GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems here.
Read more about integration with GPS / GLONASS monitoring systems
How it works?
The list of fuel stations is expanding all the time. If your supplier is absent in our lists inform us please (a link to contacts and a contact form)
All purchases of fuel are displayed in the Fuel module or in an appropriate report. The following information is displayed as well:
  • Price per liter;
  • The total value;
  • Kilometrage between fuel purchases;
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km or 1 motor hour;
  • Fuel expenses per kilometer.
If the vehicle has a fuel gauge unit, then the following indicators are shown also:
  • The paid fuel volume;
  • How many liters have been fueled up.
Now you can form a summarized fuel report by a double click and have the opportunity to send it at any time for the required control period. You can print the report instantly or to unload it to a managerial program.
It is just a small part of Zavgar.Online functions. Automation of all operation processes of a fleet is its global purpose. Automation and robotization make significant cost cutting always. In case of Zavgar.Online the main task is work with cost per kilometer (one motor hour).
What if the economic effect of introduction of Zavgar.Online?
  • Control of operation costs
  • Prevention of road accidents due to timely maintenance
  • Reduction of operation cost by 10-40%
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