Constraction equipment management software

Guaranteed cost reduction by 1 engin hour
  • Control fuel cost
  • Accident prevention through timely maintenance
  • Online Service Account
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  • Suitable for business of any size
  • Does not require additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
  • Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Zavgar Online is a product designed specifically for construction equipment owners
The product is optimal to control the following types of construction equipment
  • Bulldozers, excavators and loaders
    Hitachi, Howo, Hyundai, Komatsu, Sany, Shacman, Shaanxi, Shantui, Caterpillar, Changlin, Dongfeng, Doosan, Faw, Foton and many others
  • Truck cranes
    GROVE, KATO, Liebherry, KRUPP and others
  • Road construction machinery
    Shantui, Heli, Liugong and Zoomlion, Xiagong, Sany, XCMG, SHANDONG and others
  • Smart Road Technology
    Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi, CASE, SDLG, Dingsheng Tiangong, Liugong, CAMC, BELAZ and many others
  • Diesel power stations
    Boar, KUBOTA, GESAN, KIPOR, ELEMAX, Ultra France, Endress, Eisemann, GEKO and others
In general, the system is suitable for any object (whether it is stationary or not) that requires maintenance.
One of the reasons to start developing Zavgar Online was a visit to a client who is owning a large fleet of various types of construction equipment. The client had one global task:
Automate maintenance workflow of equipment
First of all, it was about lubricating units. The process, which could not be controlled by GPS equipment in any way, could be barely controlled by the vehicle video monitoring. The video monitoring solution is expensive and also requires constant attention from the dispatcher or security. At that time there weren't automated solutions. Preventing maintenance wasn't done on time which led to global breakdowns and equipment downtime.

What modules for controlling constraction equipment have been used in Zavgar Online?
  • Service Reminders
  • Repair and service orders
  • Analys and control fuel cost
  • Daily inspection
  • Accounting and analysis of equipment operating costs
  • Work Orders
  • Online Service Account
  • Real-time tracking
What results do owners of special equipment using Zavgar Online obtain?
  • Equipment pre-trip inspections are fully automated
    An inspection template for each type of equipment is digitized and now the inspection itself is performed using a tablet or a smartphone. All identified issues are automatically received by a group of mechanics and a work order is created. Technical downtime due to failure to identify problems before operation is reduced to zero. It is a constant analysis of the current status of equipment.
  • Full automation of maintenance procedures
    Everything has been robotized. Mechanics understand when the service is needed, which spare parts and consumables were used earlier. The problem of downtime due to untimely maintenance has been solved. Any company top manager can get the operation cost of every unit or fleet operation cost at any time.
  • Zavgar Online unified all fuel accounting systems
    It analyzes if there are any inconsistencies and allows to obtain actual data in accessible terms.
  • Labor productivity increases
    Zavgar Online does 90% of manual routine work and increases man efficiency.
Track your construction fleet's critical data from anywhere!
Integration with other services and software products
  • Integration with fuel card services
  • Integration with GPS vehicle monitoring systems
What does the Zavgar Online system look like?
Zavgar Online offers solutions in various areas of transportation
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Manage your entire preventive maintenance workflow
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