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It knows life of every tire
It reminds about the seasonal changing tires
It keeps the whole history from purchase to writing-off
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Free. No limits. No installation of additional equipment
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What key error are made at many companies in tire management?
  • There is no accounting of life of every tire
  • Tire numbers are not recorded in the warehouse software
  • Tire pressure is not checked regularly
  • Driving style is not controlled
  • Tire life is far more than their resource
  • Tires are not rotated according to recommendations
Why tire accounting and tire management are critically important for any company having its own fleet?
Expenses on tires amount 10% of whole vehicle operation expenses
Wrong installation of tires increases fuel consumption by up to 30%
Right selection and change of tires reduce the possibility of road accidents
Many owners and top managers of companies dispute about KPI of transport operation all the time. What and how should fleet manager influence on and how should he be motivated? There are many variants here. But our experience shows that cost per kilometer (one motor hour) should be the key indicator demonstrating management class
Formula of this indicator is simple:

Opertion cost = С (fuel) + С (financing) + С (maintenance)+ С (spare parts + tires) + С (licensing + insurance) / Life or motor hours

But few people calculate it. Why?
98 of 100 companies manage their sometimes large fleets using:
Records in a notebook are the common practice for us
A popular automation tool
We live in the 21st century but so many companies live in the past. It is like using of horses by agricultural companies to farm the fields. Tractors and combines are more effective and do not get tired.
Automation is the sole decision. Automation of transport operation is possible also. Many companies use Zavgar.Online. It reminds, makes forecasts and controls each fleet block. Let us see the Tires section and analyze practical steps.

Record all tires paying attention to number, model and seasonal type of a tire. Do not forget the recommended life of the tire.
Specify the vehicle where the tire has been installed:
Control life of every tire. Record check lists of periodical tire inspections, tire pressure using the driver's (responsible mechanic's) mobile application:
Analyze driving style of every driver. Motivate employees to drive carefully. It reduces fuel consumption and extends tire life.
What if the economic effect of introduction of Zavgar.Online?
  • Control of operation costs
  • Prevention of road accidents due to timely maintenance
  • Reduction of operation cost by 10-40%
Zavgar.Online appearance
Start management right now
Free. No limits. No installation of additional equipment