What is the difference between Fleetrun and Zavgar Online?

Let us compare these products
Some clients want to compare performance of Zavgar Online and Flitran (a maintenance module in Wialon). The Zavgar Online solution is used by Wialon integrators in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Mexico, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic. The first integration of Zavgar Online with external products was performed with Wialon.
Let us cast a glance at Fleetrun
Fleetrun is the basic module of the Wialon monitoring system to manage maintenance of equipment.
The key task of this application is planning maintenance of equipment based on telematic data (kilometrage, engine hours) received by the monitoring system from GPS terminals. The application allows you to record all service intervals, expenses for solving service problems and even to form vehicle running cost on the basis of operation cost.
The application works fine as part of a monitoring system, but it cannot solve the problem of automation of operating a corporate vehicle fleet. Why?
Accounting for total service costs
The system takes into account only the general service costs. You will find neither any fuel costs, nor details on used spare parts, nor other costs (fines, insurance, etc.) in the system.
Cost per mile
The program cannot read cost per mile correctly.
You can take data from the monitoring system only
As a data basis the system strictly draws information from the monitoring system. The difference between odometer and meter readings in Vialon is 5-8%. This is due to a completely different way of obtaining information on kilometrage. The odometer is an analogue device and GPS is a digital one. Constant data difference disorients chief mechanic.
Data storage
The data is stored for five years. Taking into account the average lifespan of transport in the conditions of the Russian realities, this is very little.
Wialon is a satellite vehicle tracking system
In general, Gurtam's key product is Wialon monitoring system. It is continuosly updated, in contrast to additional modules like Logistic, Flitran or Hecterra.
About Zavgar Online
Zavgar Online is a product for integrated management of a corporate vehicle fleet. Its purpose and mission is to replace time-honored paper operation logs and Excel spreadsheets.
Let's first compare it with the disadvantages of Fleetrun
1 takes into account all operational costs. (refuelling, repair, service, spare parts, supplies, technical liquids, car washes, tool roads, fines, travel and other additional costs). Some of the costs are automatically loaded into the system
The cost of mile in the Zavgar is a figure, analyzing you can take managerial decisions.
Zavgar Online is based on the vehicle odometer. It is a real indicator used by drivers, managers and accountants.
Data is stored during unlimited period of time.
Zavgar Online is our key product like Wialon is the key our for the Gurtam team.
What functionality can be also interesting and is not available in Flitran?
It is not for nothing that pre-trip vehicle inspections are mandatory conditions held according to the law. Unfortunately, these rules are neglected at many enterprises and force majeure events are not uncommon. In Zavgar Online you can approve the inspection template, its schedule and conditions. Before starting work the driver enters into the mobile application and goes through the checklist. If a problem is identified, an incident is automatically created and the problem shall be resolved by transportation manager.
Fuel control module
Zavgar Online is aimed at this cost segment also. Fuel cost amounts 40-60% in operation cost, so we decided to use three levels of validation of the data provided by drivers:
  • Automatic unloading of fuel data;
  • Synchronization with the GLONASS/GPS monitoring system;
  • The internal system algorithm detecting anomalities and suspicious fuel purchases.
Some companies buy all spare parts for specific repairs, some have stocks for the main most popular items. All of them want to control the entire process, from the moment of ordering to the actual installation on the vehicle. Zavgar Online will satisfy the demand of both of them. The entire history of the spare part will be saved.
Interaction with suppliers
Often purchase of goods is based on the personal relationship between the supplier and the buyer. In case of change of place of work of the buyer the problem of restoring contact information arises periodically. It is always a waste of time and money. The Suppliers module in Zavgar Online will save all contacts of partners and give you the opportunity to trace the entire history of interaction with them, show all costs in the context of the supplier.
Electronic service book
The entire vehicle history from any Internet connected device. Life of every part, works done, problems, traffic tickets are recorded not on paper but online. You should enter into your login and password only. All data is securely protected and flexible access rights give the opportunity to distribute system information according to user rights.
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