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Operation cost and cost per kilometer
Fuel consumption summary
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In the XXI century you can manage your business on the basis of figures only. The highest market competition, external economic and political factors and just proud and self-assurance kill millions of companies around the world every month. You cannot manage your company on the basis of your senses. Managers lose the main thing in the flow of information and to deceive such a person is as easy as pie. Many people substitute the wish for the reality using a specific case. You can work with it using figures only. Figures, histograms and summarized tables are the best friend of managers. All managerial solutions should be taken after data analysis
Zavgar.Online has many report samples to solve any business tasks
Every report has convenient data visualization, flexible filtration and adjusted date intervals. Subscribe for a report and plan its delivery to your mailbox at all reasonable time
Also you can export it to .pdf, .xls, .csv to make data exchange as quick and simple as possible. Printing of key figures by a double clock is quite possible.
What key efficiency indicators of the fleet can be controlled by forming reports?
  • The total operation costs
  • Cost per kilometer
  • Plan/Actual indicators of vehicle checks
  • Repair and service details
  • Stocks and stock removal
  • Fuel list
    (Paid, bought, average consumption, etc.)
What is performance of the companies using Zavgar.Online and the Reports module?
Downtime reduction is up to 90%
Reduction of fuel expenses up to 30%
Reduction of spare parts expenses and repair expenses up to 30%
Digitalization and time saving up to 50%
The total economic effect reaches 30% of operation cost. Calculate the amount of potential savings for your company. It is worth it surely!
This is a cloud-based (SAAS) solution, you do not need to install any equipment on the equipment and any software on your computer to work. A simple interface for entering data, a large number of integrations, reduce the work of a transport manager to a minimum. The human factor is reduced, the most important thing is released - time
What if the economic effect of introduction of Zavgar.Online?
  • Control of operation costs
  • Prevention of road accidents due to timely maintenance
  • Reduction of operation cost by 10-40%
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