Vehicle Inspections Software

Free mobile application for Android and iPhone
Flexible configuration of questions for different types of transport
Preventative maintenance
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Automate the inspection process

No implementation costs
Does not require installation of additional equipment
Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
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Automate the inspection process
Electronic technical inspections are carried out through a free mobile application. An intuitive interface, minimal input of information, uploading photos makes the inspection process easy for the driver and efficient for the manager
Control the fact of the inspection, its time and place
The system allows you not only to flexibly customize inspection templates, work items that must be carried out, but also to control the place and time of the inspection. The facts of violations of the schedule and the problems identified are displayed in the system for further work with them. Works without internet.
Resolve problems found during inspection immediately
We understand that transport must work. Thus, if a problem is identified during the inspection, the specialists responsible for operation will be the first to receive notifications to resolve it.
How it works?
The driver examines the vehicle and answers questions in the mobile application
The driver signs the fact of an electronic technical inspection
The results are displayed in the personal account of Zavgar Online of the responsible specialist. If a problem is identified, a notification is sent
Information on all inspections is stored in the system. If necessary, for some of the inspection points, you can make a mandatory upload of photos.
Zavgar Online is a simple and reliable tool for conducting inspections
In the Zavgar Online system, all inspections are under control
Works on all smartphones
The interface is understandable for smartphone users of any level. Works without the Internet and allows you to upload photos and documents in 2 clicks on the screen. For convenience, printed and video instructions have been created
Individual examination templates
Each company has internal characteristics. The Zavgar Online system has an internal designer of inspections forms that allows you to quickly create an inspection template in 3 minutes.
Schedule and control
Form a schedule of examinations and control the fact of their implementation. Daily, weekly and monthly checkups differ significantly. Create a schedule, control the fact of execution
Decrease in operating costs from 10 to 40%
  • Control of operating costs
  • Prevention of emergencies through timely maintenance
  • Service book online
What does the Zavgar.Online system look like?
This is a cloud-based (SAAS) solution, you do not need to install any equipment on the equipment and any software on your computer to work. A simple interface for entering data, a large number of integrations, reduce the work of a transport manager to a minimum. The human factor is reduced, the most important thing is released - time
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