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Integration with GPS tracking system
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You can earn 50-80% from each transport facility
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We are looking for Partners who want to grow their business, and grow with us globally by providing a truly useful product. When combined with a vehicle monitoring system, up to 70% of the information is automatically entered into the Zavgar Online.
However, even if you don't have a company and customers yet, Zavgar Online offers all the opportunities for a successful start to a business of a lifetime that will bring you good income and pleasure.
In which business areas can a partnership with Zagvar Online be most profitable?
GLONASS/GPS monitoring systems integration
Resellers and distributors of software and telematics equipment
System integrators and providers
Installers of additional equipment
Tachograph workshops
Consultancy companies
Manufacturers of telematic equipment and additional sensors
Vehicle maintenance stations
In which regions are we looking for partners?
Zavgar Online is an international project, with users and partners all over the world.
Each market is specific and has unique features for which we are prepared.
What most companies offering software solutions are facing for fleet digitalization?
Customers usually walk away without seeing the value
Competition is increasing, but revenue is not
Selling what everyone else is selling. with no exclusivity.
Dumping from competitors
There is a customer base, but they don't know how to earn additional income
Each customer's income decrease
How can Zavgar Online solve these problems and take your business to the next level?
The current trend in fleet management is:
What matters is not the liters fuel consumption or the kilometers distance traveled, but the money you count
Telematics equipment makes it possible to collect a large number of indicators from the machine, but the human brain is unable to process them correctly at all times in order to identify trends and anomalies.
Over time, the flow of unstructured information becomes " unintelligible" and the "tracker" the monitoring system is useful, but the return on the investment made in implementing it is not totally understood.
Zavgar Online is a SAAS platform for complete transportation management. Its main objective is to automate the fleet operation process, and its valuable end product is to reduce the cost of mileage and maximize the return on investment of the company's transport department.
The system receives raw data from various services used in the company (GLONASS/GPS monitoring, fuel cards, warehouse, etc.) through integration and import, supplemented with information transmitted by drivers and mobile employees "in the field" and minimally supplemented by office staff. If the data provider doesn't have its own API, Zavgar Online launches its own robot that mimics the work of a human and retrieves the necessary data. Thanks to this automation, routine, day-to-day manual labor is reduced and now, where 3-4 people are needed, one person can handle it alone.
How do Customers and Partners benefit from Zavgar Online?

Transport and logistics are the lifeblood of any company. And when we interviewed more than 1,000 companies from different sectors of the economy (mostly SMEs), we identified an anomaly - 9 out of 10 still manage their fleet the old-fashioned way. At the very best, it would be an Excel spreadsheet, but usually everyone makes do with notebooks and paper diaries.
Registration of repairs and maintenance
Fuel control
Not be tied to the workplace
Allows you to keep a list of all maintenance and repair activities
Helps you automate the process of monitoring fuel consumption
Reminds you of all important events in the lifetime of the vehicle
(maintenance, insurance extension, driver's birthday).
Integrates with fuel card services, monitoring systems and accounting programmes to automate up to 70% of all manual operations and protect against the human factor
Know and visualize the entire history of the vehicle in real time
(all maintenance and repairs, petrol pumps, extra costs, traffic tickets, issues encountered). Everything is linked to the supplier and the owner
Allows you to manage fleet operations from anywhere in the world, and from any device with Internet access
Not by feeling, but by numbers: the total saving for a food distribution company, for example, was 30 per cent. A fleet of 35 vehicles. Tricks during application:
The results in numerical values
A huge advantage of the system is the ability to evaluate the financial results before and after implementing the product. By simply making a report - the cost of the operation.
Complete accounting of vehicle operating costs
Fuel card integration. Change supplier and save 2% from costs just by selecting the best supplier and negotiating on the basis of the numbers;
Standardization of daily pre-trip vehicle inspections
Implementation of spare parts inventory accounting, including vehicle spare parts;
Determining the driving manner required to boost consumption
Setting up a maintenance schedule, purchasing spare parts in bulk and basic consumables with greater accessibility
Sale of all diesel vehicles and purchase of methane vehicles (saving 4 p./km);
How do partners earn money from Zavgar Online?
The distribution of the product worldwide will be done through Partners. The benefits of working with us are:
The principal boon of the Zavgar Online solution is its deep integration with data from transport monitoring systems.
It is impossible to agree with the nav box and software, the manager sees the real picture of the world and Zavgar Online converts litres and kilometres into money
White label
Localisation into any of the languages (a module for translators has been created)
Integration with the large local petrol station chains and other data providers
Thanks to our solution, the partner significantly strengthens its offer on the market, acts as a specialist in reducing transport costs and increases the so-called "transition value". And for that, they get a good reward. Using the existing customer base that already trusts them, they can earn an additional 50 to 80 per cent for each vehicle in the fleet.
The combination of the GLONASS/GPS unit + telematics platform + transport management system shows its efficiency. If you exclude any of these elements, you increase the number of manual operations or obtain a large amount of raw data with which it is impossible to make decisions.

The quality of the data received from navigation is also critical. The focus on distributing the product through a network of Partners is precisely because well-installed equipment, correctly configured and transmitting important indicators to the Customer, allows the latter to "keep abreast of the situation".
In Which Languages Is Zavgar Online Currently Available?
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