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Displaying the real average consumption per 100 km.
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What problems do 9 out of 10 companies with their own vehicle fleet face?
  • Cashing fuel cards
  • Buying fake checks
  • Unexplained increased consumption
  • Refueling with low-quality fuel
The cost of buying fuel in the cost structure of any enterprise is 40% and more. With an increase in fuel prices, the cost of the finished product (transportation, products, etc.) also increases, which adversely affects the competitiveness of the enterprise.
For decades, the issue of theft and ineffective use was solved in the old ways:
  • Installation of numbered plastic seals on the fuel tank
  • Manual calculation according to norms
  • Scale
  • Introduction of fuel cards
These tools have not shown decent efficiency, the root of the fuel theft problem, unfortunately, is not always a low salary. This is a social norm, like "solving a problem" on the roads. Historically, no one aspired to change anything. At the same time, bans and fines are not a tool, but an irritant. The most that, for the most part, what an employer can do is to fire an employee. The judicial system, in most cases on the side of the employee, therefore the only sure way is not punishment, but the creation of a system in which theft is easily detected and high-quality and impeccable work is rewarded
The age of information technology has also touched the logistics industry. What modern tools solve the problem of monitoring fuel consumption?
Installation of GPS monitoring system
Installation of fuel level sensors
Vehicle monitoring software
These tools also have disadvantages.
Firstly, it is the measurement error. Refueling is short, the odometer is a little inaccurate, besides there are a bunch of other external factors that can affect the final readings
Secondly, drivers perceive this tool negatively, which in their case is not aimed at encouraging quality work, but only at combating theft. The result of this is vandalism in relation to equipment, an uncomfortable state of work from under the stick
Are there tools that, on the one hand, identify problems, and on the other, can give an objective assessment of the quality of the driver's work?
We, as developers and integrators of fleet management systems, also asked ourselves this question. Having not received a positive response, we created a product Zavgar Online

Why is Zavgar Online an effective solution to reduce fuel costs?
  • Simultaneous analysis of three refueling sources
  • Identification of non-existent gas stations
  • Control of the fact of refueling only at the recommended filling stations
  • Monitoring the timeliness of the fuel system maintenance
  • Vehicle operation quality assessment tool
  • Simplification of driver reporting to employer
The Zavgar Online system collects data on fuel costs from three sources:
Check uploaded by the driver into the system
Fuel card
GPS vehicle monitoring system
The sources are absolutely independent and in case of discrepancy at least for one of them, the system will send a notification to the head. This is how the problems with cashing fuel cards, buying 'left checks', refueling with low-quality fuel are solved. In general, triple control + intelligent analysis algorithm Zavgar Online will forever solve the headache with theft and mark the quality work of drivers, on which you can build bonuses
Fuel is a large part of the cost, but in addition there are other costs, which, in general, determine the main indicator of vehicle efficiency - the cost of 1 mile paths.
For what other expenses the Zavgar Online system keeps track of costs:
  • Maintenance, repairs
  • Spare parts, technical fluids and consumables
  • Fines, toll roads, parking
  • Insurance, admissions and permits
  • Business travel (accommodation, meals, etc.)
  • Other additional costs
Decrease in operating costs from 10 to 40%
  • Control of operating costs
  • Prevention of emergencies through timely maintenance
  • Service book online
What does Zavgar.Online system look like?
This is a cloud-based (SAAS) solution, you do not need to install any equipment on the equipment and any software on your computer to work. A simple interface for entering data, a large number of integrations, reduce the work of a transport manager to a minimum. The human factor is reduced, the most important thing is released - time
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