Freight management software package

Reducing operation costs by 10-40%
Guaranteed cost reduction per km
  • Control fuel cost
  • Accident prevention through timely maintenance
  • Online Service Account
Unlock your truck fleet's true potential
You can try it for free.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Does not require additional equipment (GPS, sensors, etc.)
  • Access to the system from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Zavgar Online is an effective fleet management tool for the transportation industry.
How do we know it?
We have been working with the transport automation for nine years
(more than 15,000 projects have been completed for various businesses sizes).
We know the freight transportation business.
The product is universal and will definitely fit if your company has the following types of equipment:
Closed box vans
Dumper trucks
Tractor units
Air transport
River and sea transport
Railway transport
In general, the system is suitable for any device (whether it is moving or not) that requires maintenance.
How to be competitive in these conditions?
How to make your product more attractive without reducing your price?
We offer a solution to reduce fleet cost
without buying expensive equipment and implementing expensive software products.
Just by subscribing to Zavgar Online
Trucking software to manage your entire fleet preventive maintenance workflow
You can try it for free.
What modules have been used in Zavgar Online?
  • Service Reminders
  • Repair and service orders
  • Analys and control fuel cost
  • Daily inspections
  • Accounting and analysis of equipment operating costs
  • Monitoring waybills
  • Work Orders
  • Online Service Account
  • Real-time tracking
What results have been achieved by the companies that implemented Zavgar Online in cargo transportation?
  • Truk pre-trip inspections are fully automated
    An inspection template for trucks is digitized and now the inspection itself is performed using a tablet or a smartphone. All identified issues are automatically received by a group of mechanics and a work order is created. Technical downtime due to failure to identify problems before the rida is reduced. It is a constant analysis of the current status of trucks.
  • Full automation of maintenance procedures
    Everything has been robotized. Mechanics understand when the service is needed, which spare parts and consumables were used earlier. The problem of downtime due to untimely maintenance has been solved. Any company top manager can get the operation cost of km at any time.
  • Digital archive
    Digital storage of all documentation. All documents are always available
  • Labor productivity increases
    Zavgar Online does 90% of manual routine work and increases man efficiency.
Thanks to Zavgar Online total cost per kilometer has been reduced by 20-50%!
Integration with other services and software products
  • Integration with fuel card services
  • Connect your existing GPS hardware to Zavgar.Online and capture telematics data automatically to easily keep up with preventive maintenance and respond to vehicle issues
What does Zavgar Online look like?
Zavgar Online offers solutions in various areas of transportation
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Start managing your fleet right now
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